This calculator can help cymbalsmiths find a very rough target weight for a cymbal to be made, based on a reference cymbal of different diameter. Here's how it works:

  1. Enter diameter of the reference cymbal in inches.
  2. Enter weight of the reference cymbal in grams.
  3. Density will be calculated.
  4. Enter diameter of the cymbal to be made.
  5. Weight required will be calculated.

Please note - the calculator is intended as a very rough guide only, obviously it does not take into account taper, hammering, natural variations in weight distribution and so on. The density is the average distribution of weight in the material. The value given as "Weight Required" should be used as a finishing weight, if the reference cymbal is a finished cymbal. Meaning the blank needed to create that cymbal will need to be heavier by an amount to be determined by the maker, once trimming and lathing are taken into consideration.