Joining Forces

Joining Forces

I'm extremely lucky to be able to work for myself and run my own business, but working alone means I often lose perspective and motivation.

Aside from making cymbals, I have to take care of all admin, paperwork, shipping, social media, time-management.... So I decided to look at the training I offer, and specifically what I'm building through my Patreon, and throw it open to guest contributors.

I have lots of ideas for bringing folk together in their mutual love of these amazing instruments, so many ideas that sometimes it's hard to know where to start!

I've been training Tim from Timothy Roberts Cymbals (he also runs Reverie Drums and Stack Ring Percussion) for over a year now, and we've talked a lot about coming together to help raise the profile of our craft, and offer information and ideas to those seeking it.

I asked Tim to provide some guest content for my Patreon feed, and he kindly accepted.

We launched this week and, moving forwards, Tim will be providing a weekly blog and video covering his work as a cymbalsmith. You'll find insights into his ethos and process, a tour of his workshop, thoughts on problems that arise when making cymbals, and lots more!

Alongside my own regular posts, videos, tutorials and interviews, I'm hoping that for anyone fascinated by cymbals (from whatever angle) there will be plenty of interesting takes from different sources, and the opportunity to join the discussion.

Here's a teaser of Tim's first video submission, sign up to my Patreon to unlock the whole video, and lots, lots more!

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