Hello, and thanks for checking in on the new blog.

I plan to use this space to document my thoughts and insights into cymbal making as I continue to learn and grow as a cymbalsmith.

With the world being in the state it's in, and nothing getting cheaper for any of us, I'm looking a little beyond simply sitting to my anvil and hammering cymbals for the next 40+ years (hopefully). It's something I'll never stop doing, believe me, and I'll have a fresh new batch of cymbals available very soon. But I also feel it's time to look closer at training, and sharing knowledge as this crazy craft becomes more visible, and more popular.

Through my Patreon I've been taking on students from all over the world, some at the very beginning of their journey, and some with years of experience looking for new ideas and for someone with whom to bounce thoughts around.

Also over the past couple of months I've hosted my first in-person training sessions, including an international student jetting in from Belgium for 3 days! This is something I enjoy greatly, and seeing those "lightbulb moments" as a student is able to figure something out and realise the new depths of their knowledge is something hugely rewarding, so I feel it's time to open up access to this craft / hobby / pursuit.

If this interests you too, please follow this blog as I share insights into what I do. For further, extended content and options to join me in learning, my Patreon is available now - even if you don't wish to train but simply love cymbals and want to connect with like-minded folk, it could be the place for you!

I run monthly group Zoom meetings where we all come together to meet, share ideas, solve problems and just have a laugh together!
Also coming up very soon will be series of guest content, including blog posts and videos, watch this space for an announcement!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

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