Cymbals and Rest.

Cymbals and Rest.

Listen in to the differences between a rested cymbal and one fresh from the hammers and lathe.

Here are two 21" rides, both made from similar weight flat blanks. One was made over a week before making this video, and one literally a half hour before.

It's clear there is a difference, but let's be careful about using received wisdom when it comes to cymbals resting between hammering / lathing sessions or once completed - the new cymbal (to my right) was made in one 2-hour sitting, start to finish.

Actually I think there's something desirable in the characters of each cymbal, and there's a journey the bronze goes on from freshly pounded (and therefore choked), to rested and open, to aged and "played in". I'll dig further into how we can replicate the aged vibe with artificial ageing in a video very soon. We're talking patina, surface treatment, and some more extreme and experimental approaches!

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