Cymbal Swap

Cymbal Swap

"Cymbal Swap is the first and only online cymbal rental service in the US, giving drummers the flexibility to try out various cymbals and experiment with different sounds, before committing to purchase."

I'm very pleased to announce that Cymbal Swap is now an authorised dealer for my cymbals, currently they carry two ride cymbals - a 21" and a 23".

I finally met the owners of Cymbal Swap in person at the Chicago Drum Show, and their passion for the instruments and desire to help spread word of cymbal makers, from independents to large companies, was evident. James and I sat outside the venue almost in tears as we discussed how great it was to see cymbal making growing as a craft, and how friendly and supportive the scene is. As well as myself, there was Timothy Roberts, Mike Mongiello, Nicky Moon, Ray Byrne, Francisco Domene, Matt Nolan, Burke Daugherty and Paul Francis all being interviewed by Steve Maxwell Jr. - The first time in history so many indie cymbal makers have been together in one room. And let's not forget Ryan Hayden and J.D. Sagurton who attended also!

You'll find several of these brands on Cymbal Swap, with more being added, so check it out!

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