Cymbal Modification Process - the Customer's Side.

Cymbal Modification Process - the Customer's Side.

I recently completed modification of an oldish Zildjian 20" Ride for Joe Ospalla. In this video published on his YouTube channel, Joe talks about the process of approaching me with his ideas for how he'd like the cymbal changed - what he wanted to keep / enhance, and what he felt needed removing, sonically speaking.

Listen in as Joe describes the experience of working with a cymbalsmith, communication sounds through words, and how he feels about the result. The video includes before and after demos.

This was a relatively straightforward mod, in that lathing alone took the cymbal where it needed to be, a few passes on the lathe and some back & forth over email, and the job was done!

Please contact me directly if you have an idea for a cymbal modification, repair, or even to commission a cymbal from scratch!

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